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Easy One Stop Shop for Peace of Mind. 

I will frequently create checklists that make you feel things are in order and prepped as much as can be.  I will strive to make my content relevant, timely, and basic.

The “Wannabe” in Wannabe Preppers means we aren’t kidding ourselves that we are going to be the next TV Survivor or build a bunker or win survivalist awards.  But we admire a person who can live in the forest for weeks.  We are wannabes who will learn.

The “Preppers” in Wannabe Preppers means we will do our best to be as prepared as possible.  We recognize our government wasn’t prepared for the coronavirus pandemic and neither were we.  We recognize our government doesn’t have enough backup plans and margin for a major economic downturn and neither do we.  

So my goal for me and for you is to make the “prepping” for crisis as fast and easy as possible.  To get the survival mode tasks of life done and out of the way so we can spend more of our time on thriving.  

So checklists.  To me, checklists keep me organized in a simple way.

I plan to provide a variety of checklists through my blog.  Each one provides a simple game plan.  Each one provides peace of mind as you check off the tasks.

In the coming months, here is a sampling of checklists I plan to provide:

  • Checklist for 72 hour survival anywhere
  • Checklist for a Month or More Survival in Your Home
  • Grocery Shopping List for a Month or More Survival in Your Home
  • Checklist for the Hospital Bag
  • Checklist for Escape Plan
  • Checklist for Survival Living out of your Car
  • Checklist for Protecting Property

Which of these checklists would you use? Is there another you would add as essential or very important?  Please leave a comment below.  And if you aren’t a checklist person, what makes you feel the peace of mind of being prepared in crisis mode situations?

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