Why do you want to prep?

Hi, I’m Lydia and a mom of two.  Survival is on my mind.  Covid19, urban unrest, and recession warnings all have made me reconsider how prepared I am for the future.  Am I ready to take on basic emergencies and changes for my kids?  I’m taking action.

Preparing for the future can mean many things. I hope to eventually explore the variety in this blog.

But first things first. Basic Emergency Preparedness.

In light of 2020 upheavals, I have been asking myself, “Do I have the basics in my house to survive 3 weeks or more without outside contact? Do I have an escape plan if needed?”  I need some basic plans for the short term and then I need to prep for a long-term economic change.  Even if this coronavirus passes without direct effects to me, even though I am probably safe this time, the start of 2020 has given me a sense of urgency to prep for survival.  So I’m going to provide some basics first, hopefully a one-stop shop for you to gain the peace of mind that I want, too.

If you’re anything like me, you get determined and then you get distracted.  My first day of determined prepping, I started packing the hospital bag and then I noticed how badly the dining room needed vacuuming.  All of a sudden, vacuuming was of utmost importance!

And who puts carpet in a dining room anyway?!

Isn’t that how life is?  We get determined and we get easily distracted.  Most of us in the spring of 2020 have had survival instincts kick in at least once even though life has gone on fairly normally for many.  My heart goes out to those who have personally experienced loss in 2020.  For all of us facing the uncertain future, I hope to provide some tools to make prepping as easy as possible, especially with kids underfoot.

Well, I vacuumed instead of finishing my prep, and I proved I’m definitely an amateur at prepping. I don’t claim to be more. If you want someone to help you build a bunker, LOL, this is not the blog for you.  I’m just an amateur wannabe prepper who wants to make it easy for other moms like me.

Maybe I am seeking peace of mind and that is all I will get.  Maybe I won’t be prepared enough.  But darned if I won’t try.  I’ve got my family and kids and I’m a mom on a mission.  Please join me in this wannabe prepper journey!

Please leave a comment or email me to share why you want to prep. I would love to share this journey with you.

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