Water Infographic Beginner’s Guide

My Water Prep: At the beginning of the 2020 coronavirus shutdowns, when suddenly we were all wannabe preppers, my husband came home from the hectic grocery store with four gallons of water.

Did you shop like this when 2020 coronavirus-related shutdowns hit your area? I later learned this is enough water for one day for my family.

No toilet paper, honey? That’s what everyone else is getting.

No Clorox disinfecting wipes? That’s what we actually need to kill the virus.

Nope! Four gallons of water.  Now you readers really know I am just a wannabe.  Raise your hand if you also had no clue what basics should be kept around for survival?

Best Water Tips in infographics below

Water truly was not the real concern for having enough on hand to quarantine if sick.  The likelihood of the city water supply being disrupted by the start of the covid-19 pandemic was close to zero.

Still, my increased awareness of basic survival led me to think water preparedness should be one of my first tasks at hand and one of the first things to blog about.

Reading real preppers’ websites leads me to see how little I know about water.  If I had the time and money, I would invest more, but I’m just a wannabe so I’ve broken down to a little bit of prep that gives me peace of mind.

Best Water Storage, Water Source, and Water Purification

You can survive about 3 days without water.

It’s true that you can survive about three days without water. But better to have three days of water supply so you don’t have to live that desperately. I honestly had not been storing water until my husband brought home the distilled water. Better late than never!

In the following infographic, you will see the very basic recommendations for water for three days of survival. The three areas to always keep in mind are storing water, sourcing water, and filtrating or purifying water. After the infographic, there are basic product recommendations and links for preparing for a three-day water supply. Some of the links may provide a commission, helping to keep this site going.

Water: 3 Days Survival Infographic

Want an easy list to start stocking up on some of these items?

  • A high quality brand of bottled water: Essentia
  • Popular straw with filter: LifeStraw (ooh, check out the LifeStraw in a water bottle. Cool combo!)
  • Purification tablets: Aquamira or Potable Agua
  • Bleach: I usually have one bottle of bleach in my home but realized I need to always get regular Clorox. Do you have regular bleach? You aren’t going to want scented or special types of bleach to purify water in an emergency.

Wannabe Preppers, we can at least be prepared for a few days. With the four items above, you will even be prepared for a little more than 3 days.

Water: 3 Weeks Survival Infographic

If you want to get ready for a longer survival need, check out this infographic for storing, sourcing, and filtering or purifying water for 3 weeks survival. Top-rated products are listed below the infographic.

If you want to be prepared for a longer period of time, check out this list of top rated products that were referenced in the infographic:

  • Big Berkey smaller size (I think I might feel like a real prepper if I get this! This is the only expensive item on my wish list. Traditional Big Berkey size; I will keep my eye on if this is in stock and update my link as needed, because it seems a lot of people have been buying this in 2020.)
  • Fire hydrant wrench (What do you think, Wannabes? This seems more like a real survivalist tool, not for a wannabe. Yet the fire hydrant is across the street from me. It seems like I could save my whole neighborhood in a dire emergency. I also wonder if a neighbor already has one. Maybe I will post on NextDoor to emergency prep with the neighborhood.)
  • LifeStraw for the whole family

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System (Sawyer seems to be a well-respected brand.)

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