Best 72 Hour Emergency Kit

AKA Best “Bug out bag”. But that sounds too survivalist for us wannabes. 🙂

An emergency backpack survival kit sums up what Wannabe Preppers is all about. We want the tools to survive but we want them quickly so we can focus on thriving. A done-for-you survival backpack rocks that desire!If other wannabes gain nothing from except water storage, owning a LifeStraw filter, and owning a 72-hour survival backpack, I would feel a huge sense of accomplishment at helping others have the needed basics in their home. If you don’t want to have a separate car kit, you could even just take your 72 hour backpack in the car every time you leave the house, though I probably wouldn’t leave it in the car in extreme heat or cold. (Actually the 4 person survival emergency kit I will recommend already includes water filter straws, though not the LifeStraw brand.)

And one of the things I love most about the best 72-hour survival kits is that they generally cost less than buying all the items individually. Win win!

Saving us money!

Saving us time!

And saving us the pain of scrunching all those items into a bag ourselves.

Let me first detail what a typical 72-hour kit will contain and then give my product recommendations, curated for quality, content, and ratings.

Infographic of Must-Have Categories in the Best Survival Kits

As you can see, Survival Kits prepare us for the basics of food, water, shelter. Hmmm, if the 72 hour kit prepares for all these basics, does that mean Wannabe Preppers is done? Just kidding! But seriously, it provides great peace of mind to store water and have a 72 hour survival kit at your disposal.

Review of Sustain and Emergency Zone Survival Backpacks

My #1 Pick for the Best Survival Backpack

Sustain Supply Company makes this great backpack for 4 people. It is called Comfort4. The company who makes these believes in quality products and will not stock it with junk. Even though you could buy a cheaper version out there, it would be disappointing to be in an emergency situation and find the junk in the kit didn’t work. So Comfort4 is my number one recommendation for a survival kit.

My #2 Pick for the Best Survival Backpack

My second choice for a 4 person survival kit comes from a company called Emergency Zone. Their go bag product has high ratings and quality items but at a lower cost. One of the main reasons I don’t prefer this product is it is actually two backpacks filled with all the life-saving tools, instead of all items in one backpack. But some people might prefer that.

Another reason you might prefer the Emergency Zone 4 Person Survival Kit is because it seems to have more comprehensive items. It has quite a few more hygiene items than the Comfort4 Sustain backpack, for example. For me, I would prefer to add my own hygiene items. But in the spirit of Done-For-You, many of my readers may prefer the Emergency Zone comprehensiveness of items. Others may prefer the quality of items in the Comfort4.

Best 2-Person 72 Hour Survival Kits Recommendation

If you are looking for a smaller kit, Sustain also produces two 72 hour emergency kits for 2: the Comfort2 and the Essential2. If you are going for only a 2 person Survival Bag, I would definitely say this is the way to go over the Emergency Zone 2 person option, which costs comparable yet with lower quality.

I actually skimmed a website with a SIXTEEN WEEK plan for packing a 72 hour emergency kit. While I can see value in that as a fun family activity or trying to get the kit exactly how you want it, I think most of our wannabe readers would just prefer the kit done for them. The monetary value and time-saving value of the kits recommended on this page make a done-for-you go bag worth it.

A Tiny Tiny Book to Help You Survive Almost Anything

The other inexpensive product I suggest adding to the kit is this cute, tiny book for surviving anything. Smart! And cute! It’s called Tiny Survival Guide. There is even an option to buy 5, which I think would make a great little gift, a very unique, useful, and small gift.

Call to Action – Prep for Your Family Now

Now is a great time to purchase a 72 hour survival kit while it is on your mind. Medicine and personal items and possibly the Tiny Survival Guide should be the only needed additions, but otherwise these are ready!

With the food supply chain break and shortage at the beginning of 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, I became convinced that being more prepared is very important. I especially want to prepare for any kind of outages that could prepare. A Survival Backpack for 3 days of emergency is a perfect way to have a more comprehensive start to emergency preparedness.Or is there anything you think you COULD.NOT.LIVE.WITHOUT? Mention it in the comments and then go get your best emergency bag. Is your choice Comfort4 or Emergency Zone?

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