we are wannabe preppers


We don’t have the skills of a true wilderness survivalist. But we respect them and learn from them.

We are a safe community of wannabe preppers, people who want to be more prepared for emergencies. Suburban moms, city professionals, and nature lovers might all fit. Anyone who wants to be more prepared for emergencies and takes steps to get there is welcome.

About the Creator

Lydia is a busy mom of two.  She started Wannabe Preppers in 2020.  The many upheavals in the spring of 2020 opened her eyes to her lack of preparedness and she knew she needed to improve for her family.

But reading prepper and survivalist websites was just too much.  With 15+ years experience as a teacher, she wanted to break down the information visually for others.  And as a busy mom, she didn’t want to go to the extreme with a wilderness survival level of preparation.  Gaining peace of mind through basic preparations is enough for Lydia and her readers.

Our Core Values

Survive. Then thrive.