3 Life Experiences in Preparation

Hospitals and crisis mode are familiar to me.  That’s one thing that will help you understand my prepping journey.

Hospital Preparation

My son was born with multiple birth defects.

He regularly needs to go to the hospital for breathing assistance when he gets a viral illness.

So I feel pretty comfortable preparing for a hospital stay.

And now with this covid-19 known to cause respiratory distress, I feel the need to stay ready for a potential hospital stay.  That’s why prepping a hospital bag was my first move.  What’s your first move? Please share in the comments.

Travel Preparation

TRAVEL!  This didn’t feel too much like survival, but some overseas travel has shaped how I pack and plan.  I traveled with high school students to Spain and Argentina.  And I traveled with a small group to Syria in 2007 when that was still possible.  Packing well feels comfortable to me and I hope to share packing tips soon for the prep bags we will pack.  Do you consider yourself good at packing things in?

Inspired Preparation

My great-grandma Lydiann is my other inspiration. I was named Lydia after her.  

Lydiann and my great-grandfather traveled in a covered wagon to homestead in South Dakota in 1910.  They made it through two winters in a sod home and Lydiann stored potatoes and beans to make it through the winter.  

My grandma wrote about her parents in a small historical book Long Road to Dakota. That hardy spirit in my ancestry inspires me and gives me strength.  Storing beans and potatoes in a sod cellar won’t be my means of preparation, but their efforts motivate me.

I would love to hear from my readers any life experiences that make you strong or that you draw from when thinking about preparing for the future. Let me know your experiences in the comments.

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