Basics for Emergency Preparedness

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“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

– John F. Kennedy

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Water Infographic Beginner's Guide

Water is the most basic and the most important prep. There is so much to learn, but here I break it down to the essentials.

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Survival Is at the Bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy

An article about why it is fundamental to prepare for emergencies but it is not good to always be in survival mode.

Do you have a 72-hour emergency kit?

Did you know that expert survivalists and official emergency organizations recommend storing 3 days to 2 weeks worth of water? At 1 gallon per person per day, that is a lot to store! We need at least 3 days worth of preps for other basics, too, like warmth, food, first aid and more.

A 72-hour emergency kit is a basic need in case of emergency. But since we are wannabes, I’m showing you the DONE-FOR-YOU versions!

Focused Prepping

2020 upheavals got me prepping. Moms and others interested in prepping basics, have you felt the burden that I feel to be prepared in this shifting world?

Let’s prep together. Wannabe Preppers is my blog to make it easy to prep for the future. I make tedious survivalist information easy to digest through infographics, checklists, and basic product recommendations. My goal is to make prepping quick so we can gain peace of mind yet move on to other life pursuits.

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